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Factors associated with uptake of free maternity services at Kabarnet County Hospital

Chesumei E. J., Kiage B. N., Mutai J.

Do clients receiving Home based testing and counselling (HBTC) utilize the HIV prevention messages delivered? A study among residents in an urban informal settlement in Kenya who previously received HBTC.

Oluoch P, Achia T,Mutinda D, Orwa J,Oundo J, Karama M, Ng’ang’a Z

Survey of urban mosquitoes species (Diptera: Culicidae) with focus on waste water channels as larval habitats in Nairobi industrial area, Kenya.

Geoffrey K.K, Ngure N.V, Kamau L, Bet Di, Lugali Ra, Wangila A, Ngari W.F, Mburu W.F, Kiarie W.M.

Cross-Sectional study on Effect of Civil Society Organizations Interventions on individuals infected with HIV in Busia County Kenya

Ishepe M. N,Wanzala P, Makokha A

Determinants of active trachoma among children aged 1-9 years in Ol Donyo Nyokie location, Kajiado County, Kenya.

Nasieku L, Mutai J, Muthami L , Karanja S

Evaluation of Cytotoxicity, Antimicrobial Activities and Minerals Composition of Vigna subterranea (L.) Verdc. (Bambara Groundnut) Extracts

Wanyama A. W. ,Orwa J.A. , Njenga  P. K. , Irungu B.N

Prevalence, virulence genes and Antimicrobial Resistance of Shiga-toxigenic E.coli in diarrhoea patients from Kitale, Kenya

Too J.R.,Ngari M., Kikuvi G.M., Matey E.J., Koima J., ChebiiJ.,Wanzala P., Kiptoo M.K., Githui W.A., Sang W.K.

Factors associated with uptake of Hepatitis B Vaccine among selected workers in Kenya Medical Research Institute Centers in Nairobi in 2014

Gathugu G.M, Gikunju J.K, Mbugua G.G, Njomo W.D